We are researching on the power of HipHop to empower bboys and bgirls from all the regions of the world and to show to the Planet what our beautiful culture really is.
How old are you?

Are you a...

Where are you from?

How many years have you been Breaking?

Let's talk about Breaking, but let's not talk about dancing.

How do you make money?

If you are studying, what are you studying?
If you are working, what is your job?

Let's imagine that next week you will be giving a paid workshop. You cannot teach any kind of dance ( including Breaking). What would you teach?

Feel free to be creative if nothing comes to mind but please try to come up with something i.e. teach own to treat better our dogs)
How are Breaking and HipHop making your personal life better?

If Breaking is making your personal life better
What added values are Breaking and HipHop bringing to your professional/student life?

Particularly important for students and bboys/bgirls who don't work with Breaking and dance
What would make the next Jam more exciting?

Is there a specific question you would like to see in this questionnarie?

We might include it for the next ones answering the questionnarie
Final question: how does HipHop change the World?

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